I was born in Florence in July 1965 and I have always had, since childhood, a passion for music and musical instruments. My father gave me the first classical guitar when I was fourteen, I had actually already tried to make me buy a lot before but the limited availability relatives did fail every time that initiative. However, with what instrument I learned to play helped by friends who attended the oratory and, from then on, I was literally overwhelmed by the passion for music. It goes without saying that as soon as I took the first pay the “burned” immediately buying a Fender Stratocaster in 1979. Over time, then the bottom has supplanted the passion for the guitar and formed the lever that inspired me to take seriously his musical studies. I then attended the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini of Florence with the diploma in Bass. I have not embarked on a career in music but I started to build traditional instruments under the leadership of master luthiers Giuliano Merlini Florence and Luciano Maggi. I was lucky enough to “handle” a number of tools of classical Italian, especially those collected by the “Chi Mei Cultural Fundation” (eg. GB Guadagnini, Serafin G. etc ….) And this obviously has steadily increased in me the passion for this work. Even today I do not have a real shop because I work at home, not producing tools in significant quantities, having (for choice) machine tools important. I build all the tools of classical violin prefer particularly the bass (of course) and the viola. They continue to be passionate and also linked to electric instruments for which it realized some models, especially bass.